Monday, July 25, 2011

Why we'd love you to support our crowd funding project!

Hi everyone,

I'm very pleased and proud to announce the Samitomoto 'crowd funding' Pozible project!

Our goal is to raise $4500 by September 7th 2011, so we can put the next run of the Samitomoto drawing game into production and grow as we move towards the end of 2011!

You can help us achieve this, as you are the crowd!

Why would you help us?

Well, firstly because you would get the warm and fuzzy feeling of helping a creative entrepreneur (that's me) live her dream and grow her innovative drawing game- Samitomoto, so that together we can help more creative kids and families across Australia (and beyond) to 'draw with delight'.

Secondly, for each amount you pledge above $25, you receive a tangible reward and product. To see the list of rewards visit here. If you want your business and logo linked to this fun project, we'd love you on board!

Thirdly, because it's safe, no money is taken unless the full total target amount is reached. Oh and it's also innovative and fun!

Fourthly, because in a post GFC world where we've seen so many businesses sadly crumble- community support for local, innovative business is more important than ever!

I won't go on with the numbers, instead I invite you to come along on this journey with me, as I live my dream to grow the Samitomoto drawing game and to help bring a lot of creative joy to others! For the full story of why I created Samitomoto please read here and for what others are saying about Samitomoto read here.

Please pass this link to your networks and help us to spread the joy and magic of drawing with Samitomoto! Please also follow the Samitomoto facebook page for all updates and events associated with this Pozible project.

Many thanks,
Sam Simpson-Morgan

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