Thursday, December 9, 2010

Introducing- The Samitomoto Drawing Game!

Well what an exciting week it's been!

The Samitomoto
website went live and I'm loving the online sales!

Some of you have asked, just what is the Samitomoto Drawing Game? Well, it is a fun creative card game for creative spirits from 8-80 years old. It is designed to be non competitive, to help you to get into a state of creative flow and to help you to unblock creatively.

It gives you permission to be silly and have fun with your drawings.

How does it work?

Simply separate the cards into the four coloured piles; pink, green, blue and yellow and lay them face down. Roll the dice and turn over the top card in the pink pile. Whatever the dice rolls for example, 'two', you will be drawing the words next to that number on the card. Continue rolling the dice for all four piles until you have a complete phrase; for example- 'A glittery silver cat in a sports car'. Write this phrase down, your task now is to draw this.

It's about using your imagination, having fun and getting into creative flow.

You can play alone or in a group and I encourage you to join the Samitomoto facebook page as we will soon be playing the game there.

And here's one of my drawings I prepared earlier; 'an enormous red and white spotted mouse rollerskating'.

It makes me smile every time I look at it and I want to share this creative joy with the rest of the world! That's why I created this game.
Click here to buy your game.

I would like to thank all the wonderful people who helped make this game a reality; especially Papercut for the fabulous design, Create and Print for the printing, Copperhead for the screen printing of the packaging and all the family, friends and business associates who supported me through this process.

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