Tuesday, March 29, 2011

April Samitomoto Drawing Competition!

'A calm violet dog wearing cowboy boots', by Samantha.

Hello every one,

I'm so pleased to announce that three months from launching, the first run of the Samitomoto drawing game has sold out and we have gone into the second production run!

That means there are thousands of Samitomoto drawings out there and hundreds of people having lots of creative fun and embracing the game, that's fabulous!

The list of fantastic shops stocking the game is growing, you can see it here. We really do want to see bundles of Samitomoto creative magical fun spreading out across Australia and the world, so if you have any retailer suggestions, we'd love to hear them!

Now on to serious news...

Announcing the first Samitomoto Drawing Game Competition!

Play the Samitomoto drawing game and post your drawings on the Samitomoto facebook page, or email them to info@samitomoto.com. Please make sure any emailed images are under 2MG.

The competition opens April 1st 2011 and closes 30th April 2011.

There are four prize categories;

Most creative Samitomoto drawing- under eighteen years old
Most creative Samitomoto drawing- over eighteen years old
Most humorous Samitomoto drawing- under eighteen years old
Most humorous Samitomoto drawing- over eighteen years old

Each winner will receive a Samitomoto pack comprising a Samitomoto (edition one) game, edition two of the game (due for April/May release) and a 20 pack of blank Samitomoto postcards! Plus, we will do a story on you and your drawing for our blog!

Also- the first twenty entries posted/received will receive a gift copy of the Second Edition of the Samitomoto drawing game due for April/May 2011 release.

Please make sure all images are high quality and accompanied by your name, phone number and address. Please do not post this personal information on the facebook page, email it to info@samitomoto.com. Entries by under eighteen years old will need to be accompanied by a parent/gardian's contact details.

You must own copyright of your images and any offensive images will be removed at Samitomoto's discretion.

The winners will be determined by an independent panel and the decision will be at Samitomoto's discretion. Winners will be notified by phone and email by 7th April 2011.

Employees and direct family members of Samitomoto are not eligible to enter.

Entries may be used by Samitomoto for future promotions.

Remember- you can buy the game from our retailers here and from the Samitomoto online shop here.

So, grab your pens and pencils and paper, your Samitomoto drawing game and your imagination and connect to your fun side!

Happy drawing,

Samantha Simpson-Morgan

Monday, March 21, 2011

March Samitomoto- Drawing Night.

A shy brightly striped owl roller-skating by Sara.
A shy brightly striped owl roller-skating by Chris.
A shy brightly striped owl roller-skating by Marc.
A shy brightly striped owl roller-skating by Sam.

Mid week drawing group is a chance to get together with other creatives, cook together, drink wine and have a lot of fun drawing, eating and laughing! Last week at our mid week drawing group we also played the Samitomoto drawing game. So big kids can play it too!

We drew 'a shy brightly striped owl roller-skating.'

What I love about Samitomoto is how a simple word phrase gets transformed by each person's imagination into such wildly different drawings. It's such great fun to play in a group and it is as much fun to draw, as it is to see what everyone in the group creates. What would you draw?

It takes me back to being a creative kid again and it makes me feel happy.

In the past month I've heard such great feedback about how different people of all ages are having fun playing the Samitomoto drawing game. I'd love to hear your stories about playing Samitomoto too! Please email me at info@samitomoto.com.

Please also support our growing and exciting list of retailers, as the game goes into its second production run.

Don't forget to join our email list or follow us on facebook as we continue the fun Samitomoto journey.

Happy drawing!

Samantha Simpson-Morgan