Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Having drawing fun with Samitomoto!

A pretty cream dragon knitting by Dominic - 8 yrs.

A pretty cream dragon knitting by Cassie - 6yrs

I've been having so much fun playing Samitomoto with kids at the Old Bus Depot Markets, most Sundays!

Children have so much to teach us about creativity, as they are so creatively free, their imaginations seem unlimited and they take such joy in drawing. I love the way they embrace the Samitomoto drawing game.

I wonder at what age this sense of creative freedom starts to decline and we get limited by messages about how 'good' we are at drawing, or that it's 'silly' or 'a waste of time' to draw. Having gone through that creative unblocking journey myself- to the point that I now draw most days, it's wonderful to see children pick up the pen with no hesitation to start drawing! And it's especially good to find that rare adult that will suspend their inner judgement long enough to sit and draw with us too! (They get extra brownie points).

Here above, we have two fabulous drawings from last Sunday playing Samitomoto; 'a pretty cream dragon knitting'. What I love about these two drawings are how different they both are, despite them essentially drawing the same thing.

I love how they've both added things from their imaginations; Dominic has added a knight (of course) who is wearing knee and elbow pads- (a safety conscious knight). Cassie has added a picture of a volcano (unfortunately prompted by me, as I got a bit carried away with the spirit of the game) and she decided dragons would naturally eat lava rocks and therefore, there is a packet of lava rocks with a smiley face on the right side and also, she added chain-saw wings to her dragon. (Of course). :)

So with Samitomoto, a simple phrase and a bunch of textas, we totally opened up our imaginations, laughed a lot and had a wonderfully fun creative time! That's got to be good for everyone.

If you'd love to experience this for you and your kids, follow us on facebook here to find out where we'll be at the markets, or purchase Samitomoto here or from our retailers here!

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