Friday, March 16, 2012

What is Samitomoto Edition2 Yellow?

Just what is Samitomoto Edition 2 Yellow?

Edition 2 yellow is a pack of ten new yellow 'activity' cards to add to your Samitomoto drawing game- adding 30 new and fun drawing activities to your existing drawing game, with a new secret twist!

When added to the Samitomoto drawing game they will increase the drawing combinations from 800 000 to 1.2 million!

Why do I need Samitomoto Edition 2 Yellow?

In short- you don't! Your Samitomoto drawing game is great on its own.

Life is more fun though, with fresh new and exciting options. If your children love to draw and play the Samitomoto drawing game, then they'll love the extra fun new drawing options in Edition 2 Yellow!

Plus, there is a hidden twist to playing Samitomoto Edition2 yellow that adds another layer of complexity to the game and offers a new creative challenge!

Also- with the extra thousands of drawing options that Edition 2 Yellow brings to the game, your family and friends will be creatively occupied for weeks!

Why are you crowd funding for it?

We are crowd funding as I am an independent designer who has a passionate vision for her game and is determined to bring it to as many people as possible! Re-building after the loss of a shop in the GFC, I am doing this on a self-funded absolute shoe-string budget.

Getting a product to market in this climate is very tough and expensive and every dollar helps! This is how you, 'the crowd' can support us to grow by pledging small amounts of money in return for Samitomoto rewards- and feel a part of the journey!

Please help support us if you can by pledging any amounts above $1 by clicking here If you pledge any amount above $15 you can choose a reward!

Currently we have 15 days to go to raise at last another $203 to make target so please pass this link on to all your friends!

Thank you!

And to everyone who has pledged so far in the Samitomoto journey  and embraced the Samitomoto drawing game- I extend to you my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation!

You guys are awesome!

As soon as this crowd funding project is successful and the target is reached- your names will be added to our website , the new edition will go into production and we can get drawing!

Let's make this happen!

Please pass this link to any family or friends or teachers who have children from 6+ who love to draw!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Samitomoto Edition2 is here!

Finally, after a year and a bit of the Samitomoto Drawing Game being on the market; bringing drawing delight to creatives both large and small and selling over 2000 games in our first year-  we are ready to add Samitomoto Edition2- Yellow!! Hooplah!

I know a lot of you are eagerly awaiting the new cards that will be added to your existing Samitomoto drawing game to combine to make OVER 1.2 MILLION DRAWING COMBINATIONS!!

How cool is that!?

Even cooler, is that it will be a limited edition run of 1500 packs of 10 yellow 'activities' cards that will prompt you to draw even more crazy, fun and imaginative things! So you can buy one to draw with and one to keep as a collector's piece!

And even even cooler- is that you can be part of the crowd helping this to happen by pledging here!

But HURRY- as we are only printing 1500 of them and then they will be gone forever... 

And then we will love you, your kids will love you and the world will be a happier and more creative place!**

*Hopefully, I can't guarantee that for sure, but there's a good chance that will happen... :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy New Samitomoto Year!

Happy New Samitomoto Year!

I love this time of year when the business year kicks back in in earnest and I'm super excited about spreading lots of Samitomoto creative drawing delight throughout the world in 2012!

I'm glad you're all along for the ride!

If you would love to help us to spread the creative drawing fun and delight your little creative ones, you can  two or three Samitomoto games freight free* here

* freight free within Australia

** Image - 'A calm silver mouse painting' - copyright Samantha Simpson-Morgan 2012.