Monday, November 29, 2010

The Samitomoto Story

Samitomoto is my new design brand that helps you to have more creative fun and experience the magic of drawing.

But let's go back a bit. Some of you may know me from my picture framing gallery; Rarified. I started Rarified from scratch in 2004 and it was a wonderful entrepreneurial journey. I met many wonderful people, saw lovely art and designed beautiful framing pieces- together we created the prettiest framing shop in Canberra. I felt priveleged to hear peoples stories and to mentor staff.

In 2007 things were booming, I had achieved my three year business goal, we were growing fast and I had plans to expand to a second shop. But something felt wrong. At the same time I discovered a book called; 'The Artists Way' by Julia Cameron- about recovering your creative spirit. I felt compelled to buy it, I read it and I sobbed the whole way through it. I realised I had built a business that supported everyone else's creative spirit, but not my own! When I calmed down, I re-read it and then did the twelve week course in the book.

It changed my life.

My goal at the end of 2007 was to go to Bali alone and draw- which I did. It was a magical and emotional experience to be in such a special, mystical space surrounded by supportive creative spirits.

When I returned and the 2008 business year started I realised I couldn't go back to how things were. I was so passionately re-connected to my creativity and the the love of drawing again. I didn't want the same business goals. Then the financial crisis hit and Rarified had two and half very challenging years.

In 2010 I made the tough decision to close Rarified, follow my heart and to shrink it to a small home design studio while I build my design label Samitomoto.

Why? Because I passionately believe that we all need more creative fun in our lives. I believe many of us are creatively blocked and that our souls yearn to be more creative. Having re-discovered the meditative joy and magic that comes out of the process of drawing- I want to use Samitomoto as a platform to develop fun products that allow me to share this with the world!

I look forward to sharing this journey with you!

Samantha Simpson-Morgan.