Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year from Samitomoto

Happy New Year from Samitomoto!

Well what a December it was! The Samitomoto Drawing Game launched, as did the Samitomoto website and online shop. It was a wildly exciting ride for me!

I am thrilled at how the game has been received in the short time period since it's release. Thank you to everyone involved in the development of the Samitomoto Drawing Game and an extra big thanks to everyone who has bought the game, taken it to heart and who love playing it!!

I personally love to play it, with friends or alone. I find it a great tool to use to break that dreaded scary thing, the artists block of the blank page. I'll happily take up an opportunity to exercise my silly creative side and to give the eight year old inside me a chance to play. I'm then free to work on my more serious personal art work.

But that's just one use for the drawing game.

What I'm loving also is the feedback on how you are developing your owns rules and ways of playing, I think that's wonderful too!

If my game helps to spread the magic and joy or drawing to you and makes you smile, then that's everything to me!

Now I want to hear your stories and feedback. Please email me at and let me know your stories and images from playing the Samitomoto Drawing Game. Please keep files under 2 Mg.

Here is one of my drawings from playing the game (see above) - 'A quiet orange spotted parrot wearing flared trousers'. I hope it makes you smile!

Happy new year,


Sam Simpson-Morgan

Image copyright Samantha Simpson-Morgan 2011.
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