Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Our fabulous Samitomoto supporters!

'A woolly silver mouse climbing a mountain'- by Sam

Woot- we made it!

I'd love to thank you all for your support with our Pozible crowd funding project- to put the next print run of the Samitomoto drawing game into production!! We successfully reached our target and that's because of your vision and generosity!! Thank you!

Currently we have 21 hours to go, so we could still double our pledged amount- click here to pledge and please pass the link to your networks!

I designed Samitomoto to help children, families and adults to draw with delight! I am absolutely passionate about designing products that help you to create and have a lot of fun with drawing and the creative process, to bring you back to that creative eight year old inside all of us - I trust that Samitomoto is bringing that joy to you and your family!

Here is the list of the fabulous Samitomoto supporters!

Leanne Casarotto
Helen Mitchell
Kylie Johnson
Brian Miller- Luxgraphicus
Natasha Vanzetti
Joanne Hughes
Sara Passer
Rachael West
Suzanne Ed
Larissa Zimmerman
Claire Connelly- Papercut
Ruth Ellison
Catherine Prosser
Richard Everson
Zoe Routh- Inner Compass
Joan Westaway
Beata English- Beata English Photography
Barbara Baikie- Wick Consulting
Elizabeth Karpiel
Karen Armstrong
Benay Wettle
Steve Alexander
Elke Durbanov

Please feel very proud of your part in supporting the Samitomoto journey!

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